•        Does your child have problems in school with other students?
  •       Does your child have problems with teachers and other          
    authority figures?
  •       Does your child have problems concentrating?
  •       Have problems sitting still?
  •       Does your child get angry easily?
  •       Does your child get into fights easily?
  •       Does your child fight with his brothers and sisters?
  •       Does your child refuse to follow instructions?       
  •       Does your child talk back?
  •       Hangout with the wrong friends?
  •       Makes poor decisions?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we help!
Having a child who is experiencing a challenge is heartbreaking for all
The main goal is to get your child the help they need.
    The Relationship Times Counseling Services       
can help you with our group, individual, and or family
therapy services.
We also work in some of the local
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